upholstery-cleaning-1We understand how important your upholstery is to you, and we take our time ensuring the appropriate cleaning methods are ALWAYS used. We pre-inspect each piece of your upholstery to ensure no damage takes place during the cleaning process. In most cases upholstery is made up of different type of fibers that require the expertise of our trained cleaning technicians. If the proper method is not used on your upholstery, permanent damage can take place. Do not trust your upholstery with just any cleaner!

The first and most important step in the upholstery cleaning process is to inspect what we will be cleaning. Our trained technicians perform a thorough inspection and determine if we can clean on location, or if your upholstery will need to be cleaned at our location. After the inspection, our fully trained technician will go through your options for cleaning your upholstery. For more information please call or fill out one of our quote forms.